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Career Development Courses

Our Career Development Courses teach more than just the required materials as we show you different aspects of the dive industry so that you are more marketable to employers.


We take you not only from your current level through to Divemaster or Open Water Scuba Instructor or Master Scuba Diver Trainer, but also train you in other roles that are involved in making the diving business. You want to make your passion your livelihood and we want to make sure you succeed.

Going Pro

Poseidon Divers is unique in the Diving Industry having developed a suite of programmes that meets the needs of both career trackers and also career changers. These packages suit people who have decided that diving is either a career they would like to try for a while, or are looking at travelling for some time and want an easily portable vocation and toolset to carry with them. It also suits people looking for a complete career change later in life or to use their resettlement funding from a previous career, as these packages can be tailored to suit your current qualifications also. We ensure the package meets your needs, but we also ensure the delivery of them is both unique and the most professional available.

Materials & PADI Fees

There are PADI manuals and PADI certifications to pay for and also PADI fees for registration. Manuals and certifications we've listed under Materials and PADI refers to PADI fees paid directly to PADI on your credit card.

The Difference

Our uniqueness comes from the fact we have written our own management and resort modules that ensure your time with us doesn’t just ensure you leave with paper qualifications but solid experience of the industry having had involvement in all facets of it.

For many diving professionals the decision to ‘Go Pro’ was one that was inevitable, and here at Poseidon we are able to cater for individuals needs, with off the shelf and tailor made packages to help you reach the top. For many divers the idea of becoming a PADI Divemaster or Open Water Instructor is an ultimate goal – yet there is no need to stop there. Our range of packages suit those either looking for an ultimate career change or to the individual taking time out to continue their diving education in small steps each time. If a package is a close fit but not exact we can even tailor it to suit you.

Career Developemnt

Level you aspire to Level you are now Program for you
DM Non - Diver Career Dev DM (Full)
DM Open Water Career Dev DM (OW)
DM Advanced Open Water Career Dev DM (AOW)
Instructor Non-Diver Career Dev IDC (Full)
Instructor Open Water Career Dev IDC (OW)
Instructor Advanced Open Water Career Dev IDC (AOW)
Instructor Rescue Career Dev IDC (Rescue)

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