We offer the chance to do something a little bit different to the local shore diving.


Take a camel trek to a remote dive site, a day boat to another lesser dived area or visit the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm. All safari prices are charged by the day and include food and drink.

The Safaris

Boat to Gabr El Bint

If you would like to see the best diving Dahab has to offer, come out with us on a day boat to the furthest south dive site called Gabr el Bint. We start early and travel, from the jetty, about an hour south until we reach the pristine reef. You will then do 2 dives, have a delicious lunch and you then have the option to do a 3rd dive before we travel back to the jetty. This trip includes lunch and drinks. If you are looking for something big in the blue, this trip will be your best chance!

This is a slightly earlier start to the day in order to fit in 3 dives and be back to the jetty by 4pm We need a minimum of 6 people in order to run the trip.

SS Thistlegorm

We run a one day boat safari to the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm on a regular basis, as this is by far the most famous and popular wreck in the Red Sea. Many divers visiting Sinai do not want to miss out on an opportunity to dive it. It is certainly a wreck that deserves more than one visit and each time you go you will surely see something different. To see the whole wreck requires more than one dive in itself.

On your dive you will be able to view the supplies the Thistlegorm carried including anti-tank mines, Lee Enfield MK3 rifles, motor cycles, Norton and Bedford trucks, Bren Gun Carriers, 2 steam engines with tenders, field generators, tyres and rubber boots!!. All these can be seen in the holds or laying close to the wreck on the sand, as is the case of the steam engine which was blown clear of the wreck by the explosion!

Thistlegorm wreck safari - includes transfers, day boat, lunch, water, tanks, weights, guide, 2 dives on Thistlegorm and 1 dive at Ras Mohammed National Park.

You need to be at least an Advanced Open Water diver to dive the wreck as it is in 30m of water. If you are qualified you can order Nitrox.

Camel Trek to Ras Abu Galum

A diving safari that’s unique to Dahab is travelling to untouched dive sites by camel! Much of the coastline here is inaccessible to off road vehicles and the only way to reach the dive sites there is by camel or boat. Travelling by camel is a very popular way to experience the Sinai. These docile animals are able to carry both you, your dive gear including tanks and food and water!

For some people the thought of a camel safari fulfils all those fantasies of Lawrence of Arabia. A camel safari is the ideal way to experience diving little dived sites and experiencing just a little piece of Bedouin nomadic life. The journey to Ras Abu Gallum begins early to take full advantage of the cool morning air on the hour ride to the first dive site.

Your camel will carry all your dive kit, personal baggage and food and drink. You will be accompanied not only by an experienced dive guide but a Bedouin safari guide who will cook for you over a real fire, and provide you with not only an authentic insight into his culture but an endless supply of Bedouin tea!

We can run camel safaris to Ras Abu Gallum for as few as 2 people. You do 2 guided dives at Ras Abu Galum.

Straits of Tiran plus Ras Mohammed

The Straits of Tiran offer incredible diving with the chance to encounter sharks! The four famous reefs of Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef, Thomas Reef and Gordon Reef are all found here. The diving is more challenging as the currents are stronger, but that is why you are more likely to encounter the big stuff. These reefs have coral plateaus, teeming with fish, and wall drop-offs. There is always the chance for a pelagic visitor.

There is an optional third dive in Ras Mohammed, on the way back to the jetty. We recommend taking advantage of being in the marine park and enjoying the additional dive.

The day starts early with a pick up from our Blue Beach dive centre at 6:30am. This isn't run every day so express your interest early so you don't miss out.

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