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Instructor Development Course

Learn the PADI system for training others. Open Water Scuba Instructors train divers up to Divemaster level. Instructors with speciality ratings can train divers to the Master Scuba Diver level.


The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) provides a professional learning experience in which you will learn how to teach diving, through the PADI system. Not only will you learn how to teach in the classroom, pool and open water environments, you will also learn how to effectively use PADIs teaching aids and instructional support material.

What happens?

We run our Instructor Development Courses (IDC) for 12 days before each of the Dahab Instructor Exams (IE’s), although we like you to come out here 1-2 weeks before this to practice skills. As a Divemaster you will already know most of the diving theory (it's a good idea to re-read it), but there is some physics you will need to learn. You'll learn to give presentations and to break down the theory into bits that can be easily understood. Not only will you learn how to teach in the classroom, pool and open water environments, you will also learn how to effectively use PADI’s teaching aids and instructional support material. When you complete the PADI IDC, you will have been trained and prepared to attend a PADI Instructor Examination, the final step towards your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification.


You need to fulfil the following criteria before starting the Instructor Development Course (IDC): your own Open Water course needs to have been at least 6 months ago, you need to be a PADI Divemaster or equivalent rating with another dive organisation and ideally, you need to have 100 logged dives (let me know if you need to get your dive numbers up to 100). If you are not an EFRI you will need to do the EFRI course.

IDC Fastrack MSDT

Our ‘IDC Fastrack MSDT’ package consists of EFRI, IDC and MSDT. The MSDT bit at the end is optional. An example would be the following 5 speciality courses: Deep/Nitrox/Boat/Navigation/Naturalist (this is not set in stone, but an example). The EFRI is mandatory in order to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor.


You also have to buy the following materials:

  • Instructor Development Course (IDC) crewpack
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor manual

You are welcome to buy these from us, or you can buy them from your local dive shop and start studying early!


These are payable by credit card to PADI:

  • EFR Instructor Application Fee
  • IDC Application Fee
  • Instructor Exam (IE) Fee
  • 5 Specialty Instructor Application Fees (if you take the MSDT)

Our New PADI Course Director


Here is the schedule of IDC courses.

  • 9th February 2019 (for the IE on the 21st/22nd February)
  • 12th April 2019 (for the IE on the 24th/25th April)
  • 25th June 2019 (for the IE on the 10th/11th July)
  • 27th August 2019 (for the IE on the 11th/12th September)
  • 26th November 2019 (for the IE on the 11th/12th December)


Instructor Development Course exercise of navigation

EFR Instructor

Emergency First Response Instructor Course will build on your previous skills as primary and secondary care providers and will focus on developing your instructional abilities. The program is composed of two core modules and provides extensive instruction in CPR and First Aid, in addition to providing optional Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and emergency oxygen use training. Through independent study, classrooms sessions and practical teaching assignments, you will learn to conduct the Emergency First Response program.

Instructor Development Course class demonstration

Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor Course is the first part of the PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course). As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you not only gain additional experience as a PADI Professional scuba diver, you can assume limited teaching responsibilities as an instructional scuba assistant. It’s a great way to gain experience in order to become a scuba instructor! Another advantage is an experienced Assistant Instructor will not only find things a lot easier when they come to complete the IDC, they will only need to do the last 4 – 5 days of the IDC itself.

The course builds on the abilities to organize and supervise dive activities while concentrating on developing teaching skills and teaching PADI programs. It also familiarizes the candidate with the structure of the dive industry and provides basic marketing ideas, sales philosophy and legal and risk management techniques.

The PADI Assistant Instructor program consists of

  • Formal training in conducting PADI programs and experience programs
  • Independent study assignments
  • Practical application sessions
  • Written examination
Instructor Development Course controlled emergency swimming ascent


The OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) program is designed to prepare PADI Assistant Instructors to become PADI Instructors. PADI is the world’s largest diver training organization and offers the finest Instructor training programs available.

Instructor Development Course play time


A Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) is an experienced PADI Instructor who has certified at least 25 PADI divers and has at least five PADI Specialty Instructor ratings. Dive centres and resorts worldwide are looking for staff that are able to teach specialty diver courses. After successful completion of your IE and the MSDT Prep program you may teach five different specialty diver courses immediately.

The MSDT course is actually five Specialty Instructor courses run over 2 - 3 days. PADI Specialty Instructor training courses are designed to train instructors how to organize, conduct, and market PADI Specialty courses. The course involves academic presentations and up to ten open water dives during which candidates are shown how to conduct training dives, briefing and scenarios. Subjects include wreck mapping and survey, penetration skills, use of reels, deep diving techniques, air consumption calculations, navigation skills and techniques, night diving techniques, search and recovery skills, search patterns, use of lifting bags and safe recovery skills.

Instructor Development Course rescue training

IDC Staff Instructor

You need to be an EFRI and MSDT before you can start the IDC Staff Instructor training, therefore you cannot do this module on the same IDC that you are training to become an instructor.

The IDC Staff instructor course is designed to provide PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers with additional training necessary to staff PADI IDC’s. The course is conducted over nine days during an actual IDC. Initial IDC Staff training is conducted over two days prior to the IDC. The Candidates then monitor an entire IDC and develop evaluation and counselling skills before completion of IDC Staff certification. A qualified IDC Staff Instructor is certified to teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses and assist in instructor training. Topics covered are the same as an IDC plus additional training in academic, confined water and open water evaluations


Instructor Development Course class at surface


We can also arrange accommodation for you in our self catering apartments or in a simple local hotel.

We transfer you to/from Sharm airport as part of the package.

Instructor Development Course playing around

You will need to wait for confirmation from PADI that you are cleared to teach as an OWSI. Your PADI membership number will stay the same as your DM number.

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